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Monday, 22 September 2008

Kite Lessons

Essential Kite Boarding Knowledge & Skills

Kite Surfing is one of the newest and most exciting water sports in the world and can bring many years of exhilaration and fun to anyone willing to learn.

However, like any sport there are some risks involved while learning and practising Kite Surfing.

Every Kite Surfer’s first priority should be their personal safety and the safety of the people around them. Therefore, please listen carefully to all that your Instructor says, and give proper consideration to all the Essential Skills and Knowledge.

Step 1
Kite Flying & Safety

Step 2
Body Dragging & Water Safety

Step 3
Up and Riding on the Board

Step 4
Power Control, Up Wind & Independent Riding



The Maltese islands are situated at the centre of Mediterranean with mild climate throughout year, crystal clear waters and sea temperature varying from 16 degrees Celsius in winter to 28 degrees in Summer.

The predominant winds are from West to NorthWest and varying by season to NE, SE and South. I consider Malta as a good place to practice wind sports like Kiteboarding.
The island of Malta , which is the biggest, have its main kiting beaches in the north. In the north of island are situated most sandy beaches and with predominant winds coming from the north. Gozo can be reached easily with a ferry crossing from the North of Malta, in not more than 25mins. Gozo has its main kite beach at Ramla il Hamra, with NW to NE winds its a perfect venue.
One last considreation is that we mainly kite with an onshore wind. Once oustide the bay you can enjoy alot of space . For more detailed advice for kite locations feel free to contact me.
Have a great time.